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1 Instagram™ audits

Analyze Instagram™ accounts and group them in collections.
Easily send your collections to your agency's clients or use them for your own business.

Meaningful statistics about Instagram™ Business/Creator accounts
Unlimited number of shareable collections like this one
Identify engagement rates and uninterested followers

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An Instagram™ Business or Creator account is required to use this tool.

Did you know?

The average Instagram™ engagement rate at the moment is 4.41%

More details about the engagement rate

2 URL shortener

Easily shorten URLs and get powerful click data from your links.

Customizable URL slugs
Automatic UTM Codes
Edit target links after creation
Referrer, Browser, Language & more data
Optional password protected links

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3 landing pages

Create your own free micro website within seconds, for example for your Instagram™ bio.

Customize images for each link
Edit target links after creation
Drag & Drop sorting

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Our "Link in bio" example:

4 Hashtag Analyzer

Analyze, sort and collect Instagram™ hashtags with this easy tool.

Find related hashtags in 3 different categories
Organize all your hashtags
Get meaningful data about each hashtag

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Or analyze a hashtag right away:

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5 Interest Browser

Analyze hidden Facebook™ interests and store them for your next ad campaigns.

Find related Facebook™ audiences
Organize them in your own collections
Analyze interests via Facebook™ Audience Insights and Google

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Yep, neontools is entirely free.

Unlimited* short URLs

Unlimited* micro landing pages

Unlimited* Instagram audits

Unlimited* Hashtag analysis

Unlimited* Interest Collections

*as long as you don't scrape or abuse otherwise...

Why free?
If you use any of these tools...

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Hypeauditor Logo will love neontools and save money!


Why is neontools free?

Why is neontools free?

Neontools is being developed by "neon marketing technology".
No matter the size of your business, some tools and programs are indispensable in today's online marketing landscape.
We've started to develop these tools to improve our own workflow and to be able to help our business clients. It started as an internal project and quickly became very useful to us.
We saw no sense in keeping the software to ourselves.

Will neontools stay free?

Everything that's free on the platform now will stay free.
However we're now exploring our possibilities to add paid features.

If you like the platform, feel free to send us your ideas.
Every kind of feedback is appreciated a lot, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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