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1 Influencer Collections

Analyze Instagram accounts and group Influencers in your collections.
Easily send your collections to your agency's clients or use them for your own business.

Meaningful statistics about Instagram accounts
Unlimited number of shareable collections like this one
Identify engagement rates and uninterested followers

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2 URL Shortener

Easily shorten URLs and get powerful analytics data from your links.

Customizable URL slugs
Automatic UTM Codes
Edit target links after creation
Referrer, Browser, Language & more data

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3 Collections

Group your links on simple websites and share them online, for example in your Instagram bio.

Customize images for each link
Edit target links after creation
Drag & Drop sorting

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4 Hashtag Analyzer

Analyze, sort and collect Instagram hashtags with this easy tool.

Find related hashtags in 3 different categories
Organize all your hashtags
Get meaningful data about each hashtag

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