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Collect valuable click data simply by sharing a link.

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Turn ugly links ... ... utm_campaign=neonly

into clean short links ...

... and track your clicks!

Measure the success of your links by checking the detailed statistics.
Find all the information you need: used devices, browsers, social networks, and referrer websites.

Data from everywhere

You can use to track sources even when you can't use another analytics program, like for example with print media.

Analyze performances

See which of your influencers or other online efforts performs best and on which platforms.

Detailed statistics

Read real-time click data with referrer sources, browser information and locations.


Create password protected links

Add a password to any short link to block views from unwanted co-readers and change the password anytime.


Why is neontools free?

Why is neontools free?

Neontools is being developed by "neon marketing technology".
It's still a very young product, you might call this an early-access version.
No matter the size of your business, some tools and programs are indispensable in today's online marketing landscape. We've started to develop these tools to improve our own workflow and to be able to help our business clients. It started as an internal project and quickly became very useful to us.
We saw no sense in keeping the software to ourselves.
We're now exploring where we can go with them and which tools we can add over time.

Will neontools stay free?

To be honest: We don't know yet. At this time we're experimenting a lot to see how you guys appreciate the product. We're happy about every feedback we can get, so don't hesitate to get in touch!

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