June 25, 2021, 5:27 am

The average Instagramâ„¢ Engagement Rate at the moment is:


For accounts with over 10'000 followers: 3.61%

For accounts with over 1'000'000 followers: 3.29%

Analyze your own account using neontools:

(A neontools.io account is required)

What's an engagement rate?
The engagement rate is the relation between:
amount of likes & comments vs. the total amount of an account's followers.
Therefore it's an important metric to determine the popularity of a social media account.

Numbers based on all the accounts analyzed with the free neontools instagram account analysis tool.


Why is neontools free?

Why is neontools free?

Neontools is being developed by "neon marketing technology".
No matter the size of your business, some tools and programs are indispensable in today's online marketing landscape.
We've started to develop these tools to improve our own workflow and to be able to help our business clients. It started as an internal project and quickly became very useful to us.
We saw no sense in keeping the software to ourselves.

Will neontools stay free?

Everything that's free on the platform now will stay free.
However we're now exploring our possibilities to add paid features.

If you like the platform, feel free to send us your ideas.
Every kind of feedback is appreciated a lot, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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